Since 2001, Gallant has accrued international investments in the fields of real estate development, technology and engineering, retail, and education.


We have a dynamic and powerful Leadership Team with extensive and far-reaching investment, finance and entrepreneurial experience. To that add the fact that we love to network and cultivate relationships and it should be no surprise that Gallant’s team invests in advisory, mentorship and leadership relationships as much as their portfolio.

Peter Lee

Founder & Principal

Philanthropy: Scholarship in Finance Asia Initiative Alumni UBC KEY Admissions A graduate of UBC Sauder School of Business as a Leslie Wong Fellow (1989), Peter credits his experiences there for the values and ethics he brings to his personal investments, philanthropic ventures and to Gallant.

Peter’s career started with more than a decade as principal with a Vancouver-based investment firm specializing in trading and venture capital investments. During that time he assisted and mentored numerous entrepreneurs in small to medium-sized businesses raising capital, restructuring, and handling mergers and acquisitions.
Augustine Fan

Chief Investment Officer

Augustine’s career started on the investment banking side, including a decade-long service at Goldman Sachs, where he focused on global macro trading and risk-taking with the firm’s capital, with considerable time spent working across the London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong financial centers.

Post his sell-side career, he joined a large HK-based family office as the Director of Investments, with a multi-asset focus that spanned across both public and private markets, and a wide investment mandate that covered most of the major investable asset classes globally.
Kevin Lee

Investment Director

Kevin focuses on venture capital and private equity investments at Gallant. His role spans the investment lifecycle, from identifying and evaluating potential investments to working closely with portfolio companies. Kevin’s passion is working with entrepreneurs on creating strategy, culture, iteration of product market fit, and scaling go-to-market operations. His sector focus includes content media and technology, primarily in the FinTech and SaaS/Data services space.

Kevin currently serves on the board of Proxor and leads the executive team at Genesis Gaming.


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